• Crunchy peanut butter
Made in France Rich in fiber Source of protein Vegan Palm oil free HACCP

Crunchy peanut butter

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Crunchy peanut butter

In stock

InShape Nutrition 's Peanut Butter contains 100% peanuts. To preserve all the qualities and nutritional benefits of peanuts, nothing has been added, for a gourmet, crunchy taste .... and all made in France.

Why you'll love it: This peanut butter is a source of protein and rich in healthy lipids.InShape Nutrition 's Peanut Butter is a must-have in your cupboard! Use it in both sweet and savoury recipes - it's up to you!

Tibo's advice: I spread 1 spoonful of peanut butter on my pancakes for a snack! I also put some in my shaker after sport, after mixing it with Whey Protein and fruit.

6,90 €
( 16,43 € / kg )
  • InShape Nutrition 's Peanut Butter is made exclusively from peanuts, so it's 100% natural and palm-oil free.

    The peanuts are carefully selected, then toasted and cold-ground to preserve all their nutritional qualities.

    Its peanut slivers will add a gourmet touch to your toast, pancakes, porridge or sweet and savoury recipes.

    Peanut butter is the versatile product you absolutely must have in your cupboard. 

    Delivered in a glass jar for greater respect for the environment, InShape Nutrition peanut butter is not only delicious, it's also a source of protein with 27 g of protein per 100 g.

  • Legal name
    Peanut butter

    100% toasted peanuts.
    May contain sesame and nuts.

    Nutritional information
    Per 100 g
    Energy 2638 kJ / 637 kcal
    of which saturated fatty acids
    52 g
    7.9 g
    of which sugars
    11 g
    2.5 g
    Dietary fiber 8,7 g
    Proteins 27 g
    Salt 0,02 g
  • Dosage
    Enjoy on pancakes, waffles, in a shaker, ... or simply with a spoon. A layer of peanut oil may appear on the surface, so just stir well to obtain a smooth mixture.
    Consume as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Once opened, use within 3 months.

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Jean-Baptiste Bolle
Peanut butter review

This product is just incredible. The peanut butter is really very good. The nutritional values are perfect. And the price is really cheap for 460g. Thanks to Tibo and his family for their hard work at Inshape Nutriton.

Alexandre Domball

Crunchy peanut butter

Peanut butter

Nothing to say, excellent but like white chocolate it's really expensive for the quantity.

Jean-Luc BONIN

For my first time, surprisingly good.

Maria-Anna Musumeci
Top of the top

This peanut butter is creamy as it should be, slightly sweet with a very good taste in the mouth, my boyfriend has even started to steal some from me!